KeyColor Ink Control Software

The key to substantially reducing makeready times and waste!

 All of our software is tailored to your requirements and driven by the touchscreen on the KeyColor console. KeyColor software applications are accessible via the base KeyColor Ink Control software.

 The screen layout is customized to reflect the press layout with additional features such as ink ball and water controls.

Screenshot of KeyColor Software showing a cyan fountain selected.

Once a fountain is selected, keys can be adjusted from either the key zone rocker switches on the console tabletop, or the touchscreen.  Selecting fountains and keys is straightforward, and multiple Smart Fountains can be selected and adjusted simultaneously. Adjustments take effect instantly.  

Additional EPG Software Solutions

 AutoSet presetting software will reduce your make-ready and waste by analyzing digital data from a plate scanner, image setter, or CTP system and automatically presetting the fountain keys on each Smart Fountain.

Color is critical in branding. AutoKey is EPG’s automatic closed-loop color control software, utilizing the best equipment on the market today to feed back data to EPG’s KeyColor software to quickly achieve color critical jobs throughout the length of the run.

AutoPage is useful for larger applications like newspapers where job pagination displays allow operators to select fountains by page and adjust color.

Have a Legacy EPG KeyColor System?  

Update your console to The Windows 10 avoid Press Downtime!