Segmented Blades: The cutting edge

 The simplest system is the most likely to succeed.

EPG segmented ink blades are laser-cut and composed of hardened carbon and stainless steel. The segmented design is critical to accurate ink metering, and allows press operators to rapidly achieve proper ink settings with minimal makeready time and substantial reductions in paper and ink waste.

Benefits of using EPG segmented blades 

EPG segmented ink blades are integral to efficient printing, helping press operators achieve proper ink settings more rapidly. Segmented blades have been proven to minimize makeready time, reduce paper and ink waste, and improve the precision of ink presetting and closed loop color control.

EPG segmented ink blades do not require lubrication or maintenance. They do not buckle, as solid blades do, and provide striking separation between ink keys. The EPG blades are custom-designed for any press, and and are directly interchangeable with solid blades.

Don’t risk leakage! Not all segmented ink blades are created equal.  Our blades are segmented using a laser cut as narrow as 0.001” or less between each segment. Compared this to the competition’s segment gaps of .004” or even more!

EPG segmented ink blades are manufactured with a highly bonding, highly elastic, and highly chemically-resistant fill, making them invulnerable to the leakage problems that occur in non-filled blades.  

Do you currently use sliding blocks?

Sliding block blades are inherently complex.

These designs possess multiple points of failure, more tolerance stack-ups, and are ultimately less accurate than the segmented design.

If you would like to learn more about replacing your sliding block fountain assembly, contact our sales department today