New! EPG AC Actuator for Telecolor Consoles Are Now Available

EPG AC Actuator

1974: EPG designs the original Harris Ink Key Actuator

Millions of these actuators supported offset presses shipped with Telecolor consoles (and a couple of other- see the list below). After a while, they become worn out. Failing ink keys, in fact, are the most pronounced symptom of actuator burn-out – and is also the most common problem affecting presses’ ink control systems.  There’s a very short supply of old and refurbished actuator units. The motors are obsolete and unavailable, and the potentiometers are no longer manufactured. Essex Products Group has the only viable solution to this growing challenge.

2020: EPG builds the EPG AC Actuator, replaces obsolete original

Harris contracted Essex Products Group to design the original AC Ink Key Actuator in the 1970s, and since then millions have been installed with Harris-Heidelberg, and other, presses around the world.  It was the Harris Ink Key that prompted EPG’s entry into the ink control market, for which the company continues to build popular solutions including its EPG Smart Fountains.  

Because of the vast numbers of these Ink Keys still out there today, EPG revisited the product and refreshed the internal components and electronics with the modern, drop-in EPG AC Actuator replacement. This technology is the true successor to the AC actuators installed in these legacy presses, and will “plug and play” for immediate functionality. It includes a 2-year warranty. 

The New EPG AC Actuator

drops directly into existing presses with no

electrical modifications needed.

The EPG AC Actuator is available for these Harris, Heidelberg & Goss presses:

  • M110 • M130 • M200 • M300
  • M400 • M600 • M1000 •
  • V15 •V25 • V30 • V130
  • Mercury, and other presses using ink control consoles from:
  • Telecolor I
  • Telecolor II 
  • CPTronic 
  • Omnicon  

Contact EPG for repairs and replacements of all Harris Ink Key Actuators. | | (860)-767-7130