KeyColor Ink Control System

Thousands of EPG KeyColor solutions are installed on offset presses worldwide.

Most offset presses are pulled offline because their ink systems fail… and the original components are no longer available.

The KeyColor Ink Control System replaces those obsolete components with better functionality, higher efficiency, and rapid ROI.

Ink Control for Web and Sheetfed Offset

Two KeyColor Ink Control Models

The KeyColor C is EPG’s “fully loaded” (and customizable!) replacement ink control system, built on a Windows 10 platform with SSDs and RAID 1. All KeyColor C consoles are customized to match the key spacing of the customer’s press, making changes to ink densities are quick and easy.

The KeyColor E is a cost-effective option providing KeyColor C system capabilities in a tabletop version, or integrated with an existing ink desk. It is also customizable. 

KeyColor Ink Control System Fundamentals

Control settings using the rocker switches or touchscreen display.

Obtains preset data from prepress systems via a hot folder on your network. 

Facilitates rapid, precise adjustment to insure fast makeready and accurate color control. 

Store thousands of jobs for immediate availability. Settings are saved for repeat jobs.

All Smart Fountains on the press are driven concurrently to provide rapid presetting and job recall. 

Individual ink keys are adjusted as rapidly as the operator inputs changes at the ink desk.

More Than An Ink Desk…

The EPG KeyColor System does everything your original ink control system did, but adds exciting advancements including higher resolution and options to integrate with today’s closed-loop color tools.

Installation, Training and Support

  • Simple design allows the KeyColor Ink Control System to be installed during regular press downtime.

  • It is easy to learn using EPG’s built-in Wizard, which takes the operator through every step of the KeyColor program.

  • In-application help and 24/7 phone support. 

KeyColor Systems are configured to your specifications and are networked in shop with multiple presses.