Smart Fountains

Brains Before Beauty

Intelligent, accurate ink key setting is automated or manual

Precise Ink Key Control

EPG Smart Fountains for every press tower are standard issue with all KeyColor Ink Control Systems.  Manufactured on-site, the EPG Smart Fountain is a steel, gasket-sealed unit comprised of the electronics required to convert digital input (from the KeyColor console) to analog instructions for the EPG actuator array housed in the Smart Fountain.. The actuators use the analog instructions to precisely adjust ink keys, accordingly.  All Smart Fountains on the press are driven concurrently so that all ink keys are adjusted as soon as moves are input from the ink desk.  

Absolute Control

EPG uses precision potentiometric control, which maintains accurate actuator positioning from the multiplex circuit – even during power loss. Smart Fountains are also designed with manual over-ride knobs, allowing easy adjustment of an ink key without loss of calibration, should it become necessary.

KeyColor System parts carry a 3 year warranty! 

Custom Design

When a customer chooses a KeyColor Ink Control System, they not only receive the Smart Fountains, but EPG also redesigns the Ink Key pushrods, the mounting surface, and the fountain access points.  In most cases customers will also choose EPG Segmented Ink Blades, which round out a market-leading ink metering assembly. 

Calibration is easy.

Maintenance is as simple as removing the Smart Fountain cover to access internal components. 

All EPG products are manufactured in Connecticut, USA and 100% tested under load to ensure the highest quality and reliability.