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A Note from the C Suite.

Customers know us as the company that created the EPG KeyColor remote inking system back in 1989, or the engineering firm that Harris-Heidelberg chose to design the original Harris Ink Key (actuator) in the 1970s. 

EPG has been dedicated to serving the print and packaging industries since that time, often working behind the scenes to supply ink control solutions to a wide range of integrators and equipment manufacturers around the world. Serving the market in this capacity has given us unique access to the offset market.

Two observations that may surprise you:

  1. Most offset press owners don’t know that getting their web and sheetfed equipment in better-than-new working order is more affordable and easy to implement.
  2. Digital printing or not, web and sheetfed offset production remains profitable.

We know there is a good chance your offset equipment is offline completely, or has quality issues that end up costing more than you can make on a job. You are not alone. The vast majority of offset press problems are due to ink control-related systems or components, or dead drives.

This is where EPG comes in.

EPG is a one-stop-shop for your aging offset printing press. KeyColor core technology powers the KeyColor Ink Control System, comprised of EPG’s ink desk, software, and Smart Fountains.  Tested extensively and in use throughout the world, EPG’s Systems, components, and software enjoy an excellent track record.

Most of our customers use both digital and offset printing presses in their shops.  If you are not one of our customers, you need to consider that a new press is expensive.  There are used presses on the market, but the installed cost is considerable. 

“We are committed to offset printing and increasing your bottom line with our KeyColor Remote Ink Control System.”

Matthew Strand, Chief Operating Officer

EPG can take the offset press you have right now and make sweeping improvements to the way it will print, resulting in reduced makeready time, reduced waste, and more accurate color control.  Returns on investment vary by the number of makereadies a customer does per day, but our systems easily pay for themselves.

(If you would like us to calculate your ROI with the KeyColor Ink Control System, please contact jschulz@epg-inc.com)

Do not make the mistake of underutilizing your “old iron.”  These presses can be quick, efficient, low-cost, low-waste workhorses with the proper equipment.  EPG can help. 

Please reach out for an introduction – we would love to meet you!


Matthew Strand

Chief Operating Officer
Essex Products Group, Inc. 


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