KeyColor AutoSet
AutoSet for EPG inkdesks

Automatic Ink Key Presetting
For EPG Ink Desks

KeyColor AutoSet software, used in conjunction with the KeyColor Remote Ink Control System, enables printers to achieve dramatic reductions in both make-ready time and waste by accurately presetting all ink fountain keys.

Make-ready savings of 30-50% in time and waste impressions are typical.  AutoSet can utilize digital plate image files such as CIP3/4 or TIFF.  AutoSet will accept full plate website images or provide imposition of individual pages to determine full plate coverage.

AutoSet can be configured to automatically process files from the CTP or Image Setter work flow and transfer the presetting data to the Ink Desk.

The press operator selects the job to be preset from the list of available jobs shown on the Ink Desk monitor.  The KeyColor system then simultaneously presets all ink keys to the proper settings.

• The job file format used in the standard version of AutoSet contains information designating the color for each plate, and web number and side if required.  KeyColor uses this information to route preset data to the proper fountain.

• Installations using AutoPage will require only page number and color in order to properly route the preset data.

• The KeyColor System automatically monitors any difference between preset and “OK sheet” settings and uses that information to continually learn and improve preset accuracy.

• The Ink Desk software also supports unlimited, user defined paper types.  The KeyColor Ink Desk will learn to accurately preset the ink keys for each fountain and paper type combination.

• In multi-press installations AutoSet can be configured to allow preset files to be run on any similar press.  Conversion to key position will reflect the characteristics of each particular press and fountain.

• There is no single configuration of presetting that fits all applications.  We recommend contacting our engineering staff to discuss your application.

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