Ink Desks - KeyColor C
The KeyColor C ink control system from Essex Products Group

Designed as a lower cost alternative to the KeyColor III, the KeyColor C quickly became the standard Ink Desk for most applications.

Advanced electronics and AutoSet software provide the ability to accurately preset the ink keys from a CTP system, image setter, or Plate Scanner.

AutoKey software is the interface with color measurement systems that enables closed-loop color control for web or sheet-fed applications.

Featuring a menu driven, MS Windows™ style operator display on a large TouchScreen, the KeyColor C is easy to learn and easy to use.

• All KeyColor C functions are quickly accessed through drop down menus on the display screen.  The TouchScreen displays Ink key positions and current job information for the selected SmartFountain.

• Key settings can be quickly adjusted from the key zone rocker switches or by using the TouchScreen.  Simply touching the desired fountain icon on the screen rapidly selects the next fountain for adjustment.

• All SmartFountains on the press are driven concurrently to provide rapid presetting and job recall.  Individual ink keys are adjusted as rapidly as the operator inputs changes at the ink desk.

• In shops with multiple presses, KeyColor C Ink Desks can be networked to a central server allowing any job to be recalled to any similar press.

The use of multiple KeyColor C Ink Desks on multi-web presses enables several operators to set color simultaneously during make-ready.

Networking of the Ink Desks allows any fountain to be controlled from any desk, providing your operators maximum flexibility.  If desired, a single desk can then be used to maintain color through the balance of the run.

KeyColor C systems can store thousands of jobs on the internal hard drive, ready for rapid make-ready of repeat work.

KeyColor C is housed in an industrial grade console.  Advanced engineering permits KeyColor C to be configured to meet your specific requirements, yet the simplicity of design assures rapid installation.  In most cases, installation can be made during normal press downtime.  With modular design maintenance is easy, and the included modem capability allows on-line support.

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