Smart Fountains
Smart Fountains

All KeyColor Ink Control Systems incorporate Smart Fountains with computerized digital control.

The Smart Fountain actuator array:

• Can be rapidly mounted on an existing press, without machining, usually during normal press downtime.

• Can be used with solid or segmented blades, as well as sliding blocks.

The “Smart Fountain” houses the electronics which provide the digital interface from the console to the individual actuators.  All Smart Fountains on the press are driven concurrently so that all ink keys are adjusted as soon as moves are input to the ink desk.

The EPG actuator is a 12 VDC motor driven unit rated at five lb-in.

The precision potentiometric control in the multiplex circuit maintains accurate actuator positioning.  The KeyColor design with unique manual over-ride also allows adjustment of an ink key to be made quickly and easily at the fountain without loss of calibration.

KeyColor Systems carry a three-year parts warranty.

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