KeyColor AutoKey
AutoSet for Non-EPG inkdesks

Closed Loop Color Control
EPG Systems

EPG provides its customers the ability to achieve automatic closed loop color control utilizing the best equipment available on the market today.  By providing interfaces for the products of leading manufacturers of color measurement equipment, EPG assures our customers access to the latest quality control technology.

KeyColor ink desks can interface with on-the-web scanning devices to provide color control without operator intervention.  This method of closing the loop allows for the scanning device to automatically adjust ink keys as required to achieve and maintain target densities.  Typically target densities are pre-established customer values or over-ride values derived from an OK sheet.

For sheetfed or web presses, KeyColor ink desks can also interface with most makes of scanning densitometers and spectrophotometers.

In this case, the operator scans a sheet and the system determines the keys that require correction and the adjustment needed.  The planned correction is displayed for the operator who then chooses whether or not he wishes to let the ink desk make the planned corrections.

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