Segmented Ink Blades
Welas segmented ink blade Welas segmented non-filled ink blade for Newspaper printing applications.
Welas segmented ink blade Welas segmented filled ink blade for commercial printing applications.
Segmented blades image

EPG is the exclusive North and South American distributor of Welas laser-cut hardened carbon-steel and stainless-steel segmented ink blades for accurate ink metering.  Welas customizes blades for all press types.

Segmented ink blades are integral to efficient printing, helping press operators achieve the proper ink setting more quickly, minimize make-ready time, and reduce paper and ink waste.

Welas filled blades contain a highly bonding, highly elastic, and highly chemical resistant plastic.  Filled blades eliminate the leakage that can sometimes occur with non-filled blades.

EPG supplies blades that are custom-designed for your press and direct replacements of solid blades.

• Laser cuts are less than .001 inch (0.025mm) wide

• Material thickness .059 inch (1.5mm)

• Each segment can be adjusted independently

• No buckling as with solid blades

Segmented ink blades can be delivered with or without carrier.

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